Pokémon Go to add Mega Pinsir, Shiny Tapu Fini, and a lot more in next event

It's one of the better hero-themed events.

Pokémon Gos third and final hero-themed event, A Valorous Hero, is shaping up as the best yet. It will introduce Mega Pinsir and Shiny Tapu Fini for the first time. Mega Pinsir will appear in Mega Raids and Tapu Fini will appear in Five-Star Raids. And, a lucky few may even see Shiny Tapu Fini in all its glory.

The event, which will run from May 11 to 17, also includes a special research story that revolves around Valor Team Leader Candela, which ties into its theme. Those who complete it will be rewarded with a one-off encounter with Ponyta wearing a Candela-themed accessory. Theres a very slim chance it could be a Shiny Ponyta, too.

Thats not all, either; the event seems to have a focus on regional variants. Hisuian Growlithe, Galarian Ponyta, and Hoothoot will appear in One-Star Raids. Galarian Stunfisk, Druddigon, Hisuian Braviary, and Hisuian Avalugg will appear in Three-Star Raids.

A Timed Research Task allowing players to earn a Fast TM and a Charged TM will be available.

As always, there will be some event bonuses. Players will receive twice the Candy from catching Pokémon, and those who are Level 31 and above will have twice the chance to obtain Candy XL. Its the perfect time to start hoarding some.

The communitys reaction to the event has been positive. Players seem to like the look of Mega Pinsir, Shiny Tapu Fini, and Ponyta with the Candela-themed accessory. Its been a lot more upbeat compared to the other hero-themed events this season, the latest of which was tainted by things that highlighted long-term issues with how progression works. It might not be enough to turn things around, but it is, at the very least, something players can enjoy.

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