Pokémon GO streamer FleeceKing reaches monumental milestone

Completing this challenge took him almost six years.

Pokémon GO streamer FleeceKing fulfilled a monumental goal on his favorite game earlier today, reaching two million XP points on his account, which was created almost six years ago.

This is the result of an extremely long grind in Pokémon GO since its release. The Instinct player captured over two million Pokémon and walked over 22,500 miles to complete that goal, which draws near the number required to go around the world (around 24,000).

The streamer reached this goal while he was on a Shiny hunt in Sydney on a Twitch broadcast. He continued playing for five hours, already pursuing the grind further.

He earned a lot of XP by playing for around 10 hours every day during the holiday season after a break where he said he needed rest for his mental health, deactivating all social media and uninstalling Pokémon GO from his phone.

Only a few days after returning to the game and starting streaming again, he celebrated catching over two million Pokémon. The XP milestone was the next in line.

FleeceKing is one of the most-recognized Pokémon GO personalities in the world. One year ago, he became the first player in the world to reach level 50, which is the maximum level in the game.

At that time, he had accumulated almost 700K XP points, four years after his account’s creation. It means the streamer earned over one million XP points within two years to reach this milestone.

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