Pokémon Go players would rather miss out than be burned by Go Fest 2023

They're not convinced it will be worth their time.

Rather than taking part in what they believe could be a disappointing Go Fest 2023, Pokémon Go players are considering skipping it entirely. In their view, the last few iterations left a lot to be desired, according to an impassioned discussion on Reddit on May 10, and many suspect the next one will likely follow suit.

One player described last years event as a huge letdown and, given everything thats happened since then including the controversial Remote Raid Pass changes, theres zero chance theyll purchase a ticket to the next one.

Others agreed, saying they refuse to touch a paid event again after how bad Go Fest 2022 was. They highlighted bad spawn rates, a lack of valuable content, and more.

It doesnt help that Niantics decisions have created a lot of unrest in the community, either. Those still playing feel less inclined to reward Niantic by spending their hard-earned money on a ticket, especially if the event isnt a step forward from last year.

Those who quit during the boycotts certainly wont be taking part, and based on the comments in that discussion, it sounds like plenty of others who are still playing will follow suit. They might not quit entirely, but they have little to no desire to get involved in ticketed events.

Since the actual content of Go Fest 2023 hasnt been revealed yet, however, some dont want to commit to a decision yet for fear of missing out on something good. After all, its rumored to be headlined by Diancie, the Rock and Fairy-type Mythical Pokémon from Generation VI, which is enticing to some.

Those sitting on the fence are being encouraged to purchase a ticket if it will bring them joy. Honestly, it comes down to enjoying the game, said one player. For me, the $10 -$20 these tickets [cost] is less than I spend to go see a movie, which is max three hours compared to two days roughly six to eight hours each, so it is worth the extra boost to gameplay as I would play either way. They admitted it isn’t an experience for everyone, but those coming into the event with reasonable expectations can still enjoy them if they want to.

It follows on from a discussion on May 10 in which a number of fans admitted theyre sick and tired of being chastised for still playing. Its not that they dont agree with peoples gripes about Niantic and the current state of the game and events, but rather, they just love Pokémon Go too much to stop and want to keep playing without judgment.

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