Pokémon Go players want the Premium Raid Pass to be more meaningful, and they have ideas

Give us Remote Raid Passes, instead.

Niantic faced massive criticism after recent changes to the Remote Raid Pass in April 2023, and Pokémon GO players have been loudly highlighting their distress with the game. Now, its the Premium Raid Pass uselessness that has fans in an uproar, suggesting ways to give it meaning going forward.

On May 4, Pokémon GO player Conscious-Dingo4238 shared a picture of his inventory on Reddit, highlighting the number of unused Premium Raid Passes in their backpack. Several players replied to the thread sharing similar stories, suggesting ways the Premium Raid Passes could be improved, given that each of them cost 100 Pokécoins.

The most popular recommendation among players was a way to earn Remote Raid Passes by converting Premium Raid Passes. Considering the recent hike in Remote Raid Passes pricing, its natural for trainers to request an opportunity to earn these passes for free. 

One player suggested how a selling system could be implemented, allowing them to get rid of unused bag items in exchange for something valuable. 

Unfortunately, these are only suggestions that Niantic is likely going to ignore, as pointed out by several players on the thread.

The Premium Raid Pass was mainly introduced for those who want to participate in in-person raids multiple times in a day. The free-to-earn regular Raid Pass allows only one raid participation per day, which isnt enough for some enthusiastic, outdoorsy trainers.

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For those who arent interested in raiding as much, the Premium Raid Pass can be used in Pokémon GO Battle League, an online matchmaking system that allows players to face trainers from across the world. Exchanging a Premium Raid Pass in this mode will let you earn premium rewards, including more chances of encountering Legendary Pokémons with lesser wins, earning a higher amount of Stardust, and more. 

Despite its benefits, a considerable part of the player base doesn’t seem to be entirely aware of all the Premium Raid Pass’ uses in Pokémon GO.

Some players, however, were happy to use the premium passes in their GO Battle League matches or save them for upcoming raid days and major events. 

If you are one among the many who have a lot of unused Premium Raid Passes in your backpack, the upcoming Pokémon GO Fest in August 2023 may be a good place for you to spend them. 

While Pokémon GO flaunts a profitable player base even today, Niantic should consider spicing things up, with fans losing their interest in the raiding system. The recent price hike on the Remote Raid Pass that took effect in April 2023 also affected the daily player traffic significantly, with players boycotting the game.     

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