Pokémon Go players mourn Egg Hatch rates, Incubators, and exclusivity following latest event

You may succeed if you're "very lucky.”

Like all other Egg-hatching events, May 2’s An Instinctive Hero has attracted the ire of Pokémon Go players. These events are considered to be a nightmare for F2P players, but this time, even the in-game spenders are calling out Niantic for its near-predatory behavior.

Egg-hatching events in Pokémon Go are infamous for their abysmal hatching rates of the featured or other Shiny Pokémon. Even in the official announcement of An Instinctive Hero on May 1, Niantic said players need to be very lucky to get one.

Players have been complaining about this event on Pokémon Go‘s official Reddit page. The extremely low hatch rates combined with the high cost of buying incubators continuously has made many casual players give up on getting Larvesta on the first day of the event.

In a May 2 Reddit post, many players expressed their disappointment. I’ve hatched like 7 or 8 eggs today. And no Larvesta. I just gave up, one of the players said. Eventually, Larvesta will be a wild spawn one day. So I’ll just wait.

In another Reddit post the same day, a player cursed Niantic for this event. Fuck egg events honestly. If you dont buy incubators or you have a full-time job youre shit out of luck hatching the new releases, they said.

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But it’s not just the casual players complaining about the event. Pokémon Go PvP YouTuber Jonkus also gave up on getting Larvesta after a 62 Egg hatching-grind. Others have also taken a shot at Niantic by calling Egg events have always been a scam.

Even if you’re able to hatch a Larvesta, evolving it into a Volcarona seems to be a pipe dream. Fulfilling the requirement of 400 Larvesta Candy for the evolution is unfeasible at this time.

Despite the low odds of hatching a Larvesta or another Shiny Pokémon, players can still try to get them within the six remaining days of the event. Maybe the RNG gods will give you their blessings.

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