Pokémon Go players furious over Niantic’s response to HearUsNiantic movement

Their response rustled some feathers.

Pokémon Go players are up in arms over Niantics response to the HearUsNiantic movement after the company broke its silence about it for the first time in a Dot Esports exclusive interview. The community accused Niantic of sidestepping the issue, underestimating the outrage, and trying to bury it under the hype of releasing new content.

In the May 18 interview, Niantic said it has taken note of the movement, admitting it was hard to ignore. Still, the company doubled down on its decision, claiming it has no plans to address any of the concerns raised. It explained Remote Raid Passes were changed because they were an unhealthy way to engage with the game and didnt align with the kind of experience Niantic was trying to create, so it was necessary for the longevity of the game.

Niantic also said its hopeful players will see a lot of the hard work the team has been putting into releasing new content, claiming some of the things on the horizon in 2023 will blow people away.

The reaction from the community, however, has been anything but positive.

The beatings will continue until morale improves, said one player, summarizing their thoughts on the response. They didnt actually answer anything. It was politicians sidestepping questions, said a second player. We hear you, we don’t care, added a third.

In a nutshell, they’re digging their heels in quoting that the change is what they consider the best course of action for the community. In actuality, they’re digging their heels in because their vision is worth more to them than playerbase retention, said another, letting loose.

There were hundreds of other comments spread across multiple threads and platforms, all of which echoed the same sentiment. One Twitter user, for example, said Niantic’s response does “absolutely nothing to address the community’s concerns,” and brushed it off as “pathetic.” Another added to the chorus of complaints, saying that while they appreciate the new features, the Remote Raid Pass changes “still go too far.”

Some players are even going as far as refusing to take part in the recently-announced Shadow Raids because they require players to attend in person. It seems like Niantic hasnt done itself any favors thus far with its stance, with many members of the community having their trust in the company broken.

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