Pokémon Go players are trying to find game’s worst Shinies and there are a few contenders

Are they still worth the hunt?

Shiny Pokémon were first introduced in Gen II, and players have been hunting them in both the mainline games and Pokémon Go ever since. But, despite how rare and valuable they are, there is a handful of Shinies considered bad based on their colors.

Recently, these bad Shinies have been fun to point out and discuss in the Pokémon Go community, and now some players believe theyve found the worst offenders.

Gamer hiebertw07s nomination for the worst Shiny, shared on May 21, was Blissey. The Happiness Pokémon is usually light pink and white. Its Shiny variant is also light pink and white. Yes, its a slightly different shade of pink, but its hard to tell the difference unless you have a normal Blissey and a Shiny one standing side by side.

The Pokémon player added, Hard to believe that someone got paid actual human money to simply drop the saturation to 90 percent.

Another comment highlighted the problem with Shiny Pokémon that look too similar to the original in the same May 21 thread: I have never been able to tell a shiny Elekid from a regular one without them being labeled.

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If you thought Shiny Blissey was bad, this next one is trash. Wormadam might come in three different formsPlant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, and Trash Cloakbut each of those Shinies is nearly identical to the original. In fact, most of Wormadams color palette stays the same. The only thing that changes with the Shiny is its head, which goes from gray to bluish-gray. The same goes for its pre-evolution, Burmy.

One player commented, Definitely worse than Blissey, which was backed up by hundreds of members in the community.

Another player got lucky with their Shiny Burmy. Female Burmy evolve into Wormadam, while male Burmy evolve into Mothim. The lucky player happened to find a Shiny male Burmy and evolved it into a Shiny Mothim instead of the underwhelming alternative. Unlike Wormadam and Burmy, Mothim actually has a great Shiny, swapping its usual orange color for a bright blue.

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With all this talk about the worst Shinies, Reddit user eggshapedorange gave their favorite Shiny some love and started the next discussionthe best Shinies.

In addition to yellow Azumarill, some fan-favorite Shinies were Mega Gengar, Charizard, Metagross, and the famous Red Gyarados.

With new Shiny Pokémon constantly being added to Pokémon Go through special events, well be waiting for a new one to dethrone Wormadam as the worst Shiny. Until then, lets keep hunting for the dozens of better ones.

Now, was that Blissey I just found really a Shiny or not?

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