Pokémon Go Hoenn Tour bug is making the game unplayable

PokéStops and encounters are completely broken.

The Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn event ended yesterday, and since then, some players have been experiencing a weird bug that prevents them from playing correctly.

Since the event ended, some players who’ve participated have seen all their in-game objects disappear from the game’s interface. While walking, players can no longer turn PokéStop discs or select Pokémon to encounter.

Meanwhile, the auto catcher still works, according to a Reddit user, which means the objects are still thereplayers simply can’t interact by tapping them.

Many users confirmed encountering the same bug in the comments. Some say they tried to restart the game and change their network to fix the bug, without any result. “We have tried wifi, mobile data, and even tried to log her into a different phone. Same results. We had a Sunday ticket,” stated a user.

Players have been encountering the bug all around the world, from North America to Europe. Since the bug has been massively reported on social media a few hours ago, the developer has yet to make a statement on the matter.

It’s still unclear how players can manage to fix the bug. It plagues users who have bought a ticket for the Pokémon GO Global Tour this weekend.

This bug adds up to a pile of other issues countless players have encountered during the event, especially those who’ve attended the Pokémon GO Tour – Las Vegas.

Players experienced game crashes and lag during the event, pushing the developer to ask ticket holders not to attend the event on the second day.

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