Pokémon Go Fest 2023 hits New York City, London, and more in August

Pokémon Go Fest goes global in August.

Pokémon Go Fest 2023 is sliding back to August this year as Niantic brings the mobile games biggest event to three different citiesbefore hitting the global button to close out the month. 

As many fans predicted, New York will be one of the featured locations for Go Fest 2023s physical events. It will be paired with similar events in London and Osaka, once again including a North American, European, and Japanese variant for part of Go Fest. 

Starting with Go Fest 2023 London and Osaka, which will both run from Aug. 4 to 6, players can enjoy exclusive gameplay features, special bonuses, and more. Go Fest 2023 New York will follow that from Aug. 18 to 20 and include similar content, though each location will feature its own exclusives. 

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Just like with previous years that had multiple in-person events, everything will culminate in a global weekend that brings content to players around the globe. This will be the biggest section of Go Fest 2023 and will have a free and ticketed version. 

Additional details about all four Go Fest 2023 events will be shared over the next several months, with each likely containing new content tied to whatever storyline Pokémon Go is preparing to build.

Speculation on what that content might be has already started, with some players pointing at the Go Fest logo and saying Diancie might make an appearance as the featured Mythical Pokémon this year. 

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