Pokémon Day LIVE: Unite receives major update to lead celebrations kickoff

The best day of the year for Pokémon fans has started.

The biggest celebration of Pokémon in 2023 has just started. Pokémon Day is today, Feb. 27, and The Pokémon Company should reveal its plans for the entire franchise across all platforms and types of games, from Nintendo Switch’s Scarlet and Violet to the tabletop TCG. I have been a fan of Pokémon for over 20 years, and I’m sure if you’re a fan like me you feel like you must be excited about what could be coming today.

In this live blog, we will cover all news, community reactions, and rumors as they unfold today. The key moment of the day will be the Pokémon Presents livestream at 8am CT today, Feb. 27. Fans’ main expectations are for the announcement of Scarlet and Violet DLCs, considering a new game patch is dropping tomorrow and unreleased Pokémon have been found in the game’s data. The second biggest hope players have is that titles from generations one to three, like Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Crystal, and Pokémon Emerald could be coming to the Nintendo Switch thanks to the company’s recent release of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance virtual consoles.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Unite is ahead of the pack and got the first major update today.

Here are all Pokémon Day 2023 news, live. This story is organized with the latest news at the top of the feed below, and we will update the story whenever new information is available.

  • 5:20am CT Pokémon Café ReMix follows the lead with an early update

The starters from Scarlet and Violet are now in Pokémon Café ReMix. Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly are now part of the Hospitality event “Welcome to Paldea”, where you can unlock them in your game and also get a series of other rewards. The specialties of these starters are Small Plates, Sweets, and Drinks, respectively. A new Greninja (Great Chef) outfit is now also available.

  • 5:10am CT Pokémon Unite gets an update and Zacian is now playable

You can unlock Zacian for free by playing the mission “Adventure in Zacian’s Weald” or buy it with gems. This Pokémon is a ranged all-rounder and considered of intermediate difficulty to play with. Two new held items are also now in the game, with Slick Spoon letting your Sp. Atk moves ignore a percentage of opponents Sp. Def., and Rescue Hood increasing healing and shields granted by you to ally Pokémon. This update is already live in the game.

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