Playing perfect CS:GO will ruin your game because one key factor will suffer, pro says

He gave some solid advices for up-and-coming players.

Martin “STYKO” Styk, a Slovak CS:GO pro mostly known for his days with Cloud9 and MOUZ, has advised young players to not chase perfectionism because it can lead to dissatisfaction in the short term and burnout in the long run, in his opinion.

His Twitter thread reflects experiences that STYKO himself went through during his nearly 10-year career as a professional player. The Slovak recognized he struggled “a lot” trying to play what he called “Flawless” Counter-Strike and listed reasons why he thinks that mindset is dangerous for young players.

“It is impossible to play a perfect game in an environment of fast-paced FPS with 10 different players on the server,” STYKO said. “One game your decisions are on point; next game same decision leads to you being owned. It is now apparent to me that chasing perfectionism leads to huge dissatisfaction (short-term) and eventually to burnout (long-term). Either way, your confidence tanks down HARD, and playing CS without any confidence is almost impossible, we all know that.”

What STYKO implied is that if you try to play perfect, text-book CS:GO all the time, you may start second-guessing a lot of plays you make, which isn’t ideal. Discipline is required to reach the highest level, of course, but Counter-Strike often relies on winning aim duels, which is why playing with confidence is so vital.

STYKO wrapped his Twitter thread with a list of common “symptoms” players that are pushing themselves to not commit any mistakes in CS:GO might be experiencing. Here are them:

  • You feel unable to reset your mind after making a mistake
  • All the mistakes are equal to you
  • You don’t recognize your progress
  • You compare yourself to others often
  • You feel that nothing is good enough, even after you win a game

If you want to know more about this topic, STYKO has made a video about it on YouTube. The 26-year-old has played for HellRaisers, MOUZ, C9, GODSENT, FunPlus Phoenix, and is currently plying his trade on Apeks. STYKO has won tournaments like StarLadder i-League season 4 in 2018 and attended three CS:GO Majors.

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