Phantom Assassin Persona now available in 2022 Dota 2 battle pass

"The Veiled Sisters sent me."

The reward for the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass 296th tier is now live. Valve just released the Phantom Assassin Persona, Exile Unveiled.

Asan the Exile was secretly raised by outcast sisters of the Veil, and his only goal is to destroy the false prophet that his teachers blamed for the corruption of their once-sacred faith. While the Exile Unveiled Persona deepens Dota 2s lore, it also means a set of new animations and voice lines are coming.

The Phantom Assassin persona was originally announced with the 2022 battle pass release. It was the tier 296 reward, but fans couldnt immediately unlock the Persona even if they satisfied the level requirement. Though a lot of features were missing in the battle pass, Valve had a timeline for the content that it couldnt release on the opening day.

Exile Unveiled was announced to become available soon on Sept. 1, and it took Valve close to 15 days to deliver one of the most prestigious rewards on the battle pass. More content is scheduled to arrive with Part II of the 2022 battle pass, like the iconic Diretide event.

In addition to the historic Halloween event, the Razor Arcana and the Crystal Maiden Persona will become available during the second part of the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass. With the battle pass featuring two parts, fans will still have content to unlock after The International. The previous battle passes often concluded after the biggest tournament of the year, which rekindles players love for the game.

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