Patch 5.12 could totally rock VALORANT meta if leaked Chamber, smurfing changes come true

Play in your own rank please.

VALORANT could be getting a bunch of new changes next month if new leaks are true, rocking the title’s established meta and shocking the game to its core.

Smurfing could be in Riots sights, alongside Chamber nerfs thatll make the agent fairer for the other players that have to duke it out with him.

According to leaks from Valorleaks Twitter December is looking great for VALORANT. Maps will be chopped and changed, potentially seeing an old map making its way back into the rotation, or another new map entering the pool.

The VALORANT leaks also shared unspecified Chamber changes.

Expect these to be nerfsthe agent has been one of the most picked throughout its lifespan, so Chamber will most likely be dumped out of the meta.

Leaker ValorLeaks also said Riot is taking a stab at attacking the smurfing problem too. Players creating new accounts to beat lower ranks might be a thing of the past, or at least, a bigger hurdle to overcome for those attempting to do so.

The leaks state Friday will be the PBE for 5.12. If true, VALORANT players will be able to test out the changes before they hit the whole community.

Chamber mains will have to learn more VALORANT agents, as this time could be the last time hes at the top of the meta for a while. 

With any luck, smurfs will be no more, and the fairest environment will flourish.

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