Paris Eternal drops 4 players, signs Overwatch Contenders staples

The future Vegas Eternal is going in a North American direction.

Its apparently never too late to say au revoir and revamp a team in the middle of an Overwatch League season. 

The Paris Eternal announced today that it has parted ways with four of its players less than 24 hours after the first weekend of Summer Showdown qualifier matches concluded. In their place, the Eternal has signed multiple players from North American Overwatch Contenders team Odyssey. 

Most of the teams core was dropped early on Aug. 15, according to an announcement by the Eternal. Tanks Daniël Daan Scheltema and Ilari Vestola, as well as support players Arthur dridro Szanto and Emir Kaan Okumus, were all let go by Paris. 

Only North American DPS duo Cameron wub Johnson and Jesse Dove Palermo remained on the roster after the initial drop.   

The team decided to go a different direction, tank Daan said on Twitter

The future Las Vegas Eternal is apparently leaning into its 2023 branding, considering that direction is now anchored by some of the most familiar faces in North American Overwatch Contenders.

To revamp its roster, the Paris Eternal looked to Odyssey, a North American Contenders team that just won the regions latest tournament cycle. Supports Luke Lukemino Fish and Kyle Rakattack Rakauskas, as well as DPS Josh Malthel Gonzales, will be joining from Odyssey. Domenic “Krawi” Akrawi, most recently playing for WISP, will be taking on tank duty for the team. 

Though the change seems drastic, it’s not as if things can go much worse for the Paris Eternal: the team will be heading into the next weekend of qualification matches with a 1-13 season record.

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