Paper Rex f0rsakeN blames poor aim for loss against Leviatán at VALORANT Champions

They didn't win a single pistol round in the series.

Paper Rex suffered their first loss in VALORANT Champions at the hands of Leviatán yesterday, which saw the South American squad become the first team to qualify for the playoffs.

In an interview with TheSpike.GG, Paper Rex’s Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto pointed to a fundamental factor that failed them in their loss.

F0rsakeN underlined how much his team’s aim was lacking in the loss against Leviatán, which was one of the main reasons behind them not claiming the victory. “Our aim wasnt as sharp, which caused several gunfights to go the other way,” f0rsakeN said.

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The player added that Paper Rex were thoroughly prepared for the series and “were well-aware of their aggression,” but their aim definitely wasn’t on point in the series. As a result, the Asia-Pacific team failed to secure a single pistol round, which would have been pivotal in gaining momentum in the series.”[It] granted Leviatan the advantage each time a half began,” f0rsakeN explained.

Besides poor aim, the 18-year-old believes that the team also had faulty comms, which was another reason behind their shocking loss.

Paper Rex now await their next opponent in the tournament, who will be either Team Liquid or EDward Gaming, who face each other in an elimination match in Group A. F0rsakeN and his teammates defeated the Chinese side in the opening matchup of the competition.

The elimination match between EDG and TL will take place on Sept. 4, while Paper Rex will return to action on Sept. 7.

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