Ovilee explains where Overwatch League has ‘beat’ LCS, why she’s having so much fun

The OWL has officially sucked in another esports personality.

Ovilee May, esports personality and former interviewer for the LCS, expressed great satisfaction for her recent time at the Overwatch League during the leagues Midseason Madness tournament. She had joined the OWL desk alongside Custa and Reinforce after fellow broadcast personality Soe Gschwind embarked on maternity leave.

Ovilee said that while she had previously been dissatisfied with the OWL, her time on the broadcast had exceeded her expectations and created a more fun experience than she had anticipated. She originally thought that the OWL reaching out to her to host the Watchpoint pre-show was a joke, although she was more than willing to lend a hand.

One of the things that I have done since the Overwatch League since its conception is I have shit on it, Ovilee said. I had so much fun last week, it is insane and does not make sense.

She also explained that she feels the OWL has the LCS beat in terms of the content that they utilize on the broadcast. Outside of the main on-stage gameplay, Ovilee explained that the OWL broadcast utilized genuine content in which she, Custa, and Reinforce were able to have a large amount of influence, which stood out among other esports gigs that she has been a part of.

The fact that they allowed all of us on the desk to implement these weird and creative visions spoke fucking volumes, Ovilee said. When it comes to a tournament on this scale, usually there is a little bit more buttoned-up, professional[ism]. [OWL] allowed creativity and [were] not afraid to take these risks and take chances.

Ovilee will not be replacing Soe on the official OWL broadcast, but she is looking forward to returning where she can once more institute the creativity that made this a memorable experience for her.

The Los Angeles Gladiators emerged from the Midseason Madness victorious, continuing their streak of success as the season ventures past its halfway point. This grand finals matchup between the Gladiators and the San Francisco Shock brought in peak viewership of 70,367 concurrent viewers, according to Esports Charts.

Dot Esports has reached out to Ovilee May for further comment on her experience.

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