Overwatch players think they’ve found Lifeweaver’s biggest issue—and how to solve it

Put him back in, he's not done yet.

Lifeweavers addition to Overwatch 2s cast of heroes has started off more than rocky, but the community banded together to pinpoint where the avalanche truly begins.

The newest Overwatch 2 hero was released on April 11 but has already been sent back to the drawing board on multiple occasions. Taking things into their own hands, gamers congregated to play judge, jury, and executioner on Lifeweaver in a May 8 Reddit thread.

According to the gathered Overwatch brains trust, players believe tweaking the newest support’s healing delay might just be the fix that will push him to the top of the meta in 2023. In their eyes, Lifeweavers game-changing Life Grip ability is overshadowed by a consistent need to be healing their teammates to keep up.

One suggestion was switching from Lifeweavers primary fire might be part of the problem. The healing delay already makes saving teammates difficult, but the seconds added when switching forces players to ‘heal bot’ throughout the entire lobby.

Players called for Blizzard to make Lifeweavers healing similar to Sojourns rail gun instead. When Sojourns in her ultimate, the speed at which she builds her rail gun increases. By having Lifeweavers healing ability mirror Sojourns ultimate rail gun, we might fix his healing issues, with an already featured mechanic.

This would decrease the time needed to heal teammates.

The other issue players targeted was Lifeweavers hitbox. The petals on Lifeweavers back make the support hero bigger when compared to his fellow supports. Decreasing Lifeweavers size seems to be the only fix, according to Overwatch gamers.

Despite all of Blizzards Lifeweaver patches, it seems the community has nailed one last problem in the heros arsenal. Looks like the Overwatch devs have more work to do.

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