Overwatch players think Blizzard fumbled the bag with its new One Punch Man Genji skin

Some players aren't happy with the skin.

Genos Genji is the latest Overwatch 2 skin for the One Punch Man crossover event, and the community is already divided.

Fans of the anime voiced their concerns on Reddit yesterday, saying they don’t think Genos was the right fit for Genji. “Overwatch fumbled on this easy crossover. Love Genos, but definitely not for Genji,” a thread’s title reads.

In the comment section, players said Genos doesn’t suit Genji’s character when compared to other characters the developer could have chosen from the anime.

Genji and Genos are both cyborgs in their respective universesbut there end their similarities. In One Punch Man, Genos’ abilities are immense strength, speed, and endurancestrengths he gained thanks to his cyborg enhancements.

Instead, players consider Sonic to be a character closer to Genji’s characteristics. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is a ninja and a villain in the anime.

“The silhouette and the abilities should decide the crossover skin, no the character within lore. SOS Sonic would be a way better fit for Genji and Genos would better fit Sojourn,” one player wrote.

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Sonic is another character with enhanced speed and reflexes, as well as strength and durability. But his attacks are more similar to Genji’s due to him using ninjutsu, shuriken, and a blade. His figure is similar to Genji’s, too, so making a skin for him wouldn’t have been out out of the question.

“Genos is almost the protagonist of OPM, he has to be part of the collab. It’s either he gets look like a teen edgy cyborg or a female cosplayed as Genos,” another player argued. “[He] brings money so it makes sense. Though, I wouldn’t say they did a good job on him.”

Many players think Sojourn would have been a better fit for Genos, despite their genders. Still, others defended Blizzard’s choice, saying Genji was one of the best choices possible for the character out of the Overwatch roster.

The crossover event between Overwatch 2 and One Punch Man is set to kick off today. It will last roughly a month and introduce four skins from the anime. Alongside Genos Genji, players will be able to get Saitama Doomfist, Terrible Tornado Kiriko, and Mumen Rider Soldier: 76.

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