Overwatch players are still fighting for game-changing UI change years later

The feature would be of major benefit to the player.

The Overwatch community has put its foot down over an issue that has affected tunnel vision in the game, demanding the addition of a simple, yet integral feature players have been begging for since the game’s launch.

The suggested changethe addition of teammates’ health bars added along the bottom right-hand corner of the screenwould help players focus and be a welcome addition to team fights, where teammates and enemies scurry around in utter chaos.

Players united in a May 9 Reddit post, rallying behind calls to bring the feature into the next update. This isn’t the first time the community has discussed the implementation of such a feature, with the original solution ideally offered to support heroes only.

The feature would mean you could keep a tab on your teammates, making it easier to take stock of your team’s health and decide whether your planned aggression is the smartest decision.

OW2 Players apparently floated the idea “in 2018, with the Blizzard devs maintaining radio silence. The feature hasnt appeared in any form since, and the player base might be at breaking point.

It seems that most players arent a fan of the support hero favoritism in the post. Gamers want the feature to be implemented for all heroes, not just their healers.

Several different heroes have the ability to heal teammates, with tanks and damage characters on the list. Making the quality-of-life feature available solely for supports would mean skipping multiple key healers in OW2s catalog.

Some players arent too keen on the suggestion at all. The other side of the coin believes the change will lower the skill ceiling of Overwatch 2 and potentially leave players looking at health bars far too frequently.

This suggestion mightve resurfaced at the perfect time. The newest OW2 update just dropped, possibly leaving the Blizzard devs with plenty of time on their hands. Lets just hope theyve got their eyes on the Reddit forums.

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