Overwatch players are growing tired of Twitch drops with no real way to earn free content in-game

Players want more earnable rewards.

Ever since Overwatch 2 launched, players have been given several things through Twitch drops, which has been one of the few rare ways to get free content for the game besides the free version of the battle pass.

Twitch drops have filled a void for free content, and most players have earned some of the content that way. The concept is simple: watch your favorite Twitch streamer for a number of hours and earn some in-game loot. But fans are quickly growing tired of the passive nature of earning rewards and are starting to discuss their desire to earn them through in-game achievements instead.

The conversation was spurred when a Reddit thread popped up yesterday about how players can earn in-game loot that is in the shop through a Twitch drop campaign that starts on Christmas. Many people lamented that they’d rather complete something in the game, such as challenges. Overwatch used to have such things in the game in the form of weekly challenges where players could earn skins, sprays, and other goodies just by playing the game.

Those challenges are nowhere to be found in the sequel. Players can earn in-game rewards via the free version of the battle pass, but there are very few earnable things with seasonal events. Twitch drops have been filling the void, but players are growing tired of having to keep a stream on in the background just to get rewards. Many even said they are putting it on mute in the background while they do other things.

Not only are players frustrated with the way they earn in-game items, but they’re also not happy with the quality of items that are on offer. Many skins are repeats of skins that could have been earned in the original game.

It is doubtful that Blizzard will shift its procedure with regard to Twitch drops, but fans are hoping that the company will start adding more earnable in-game rewards instead of solely relying on streamers to get rewards into the hands of the players.

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