Overwatch player shows how being a Doomfist parkour enthusiast can actually save your games

Rollouts on Doomfist, much like Lucio, can be both fun and game-winning if done right.

Out of all the fan-made workshop modes in Overwatch 2, some of the most popular are the parkour maps. Originally designed for Lucio to get from one point to another as fast as possible, the mode has grown to include Doomfist and his kit as well. Even with his shift to the tank role in Overwatch 2, learning his movement from game modes such as parkour can help players gain knowledge on how to get from spawn to specific areas as fast as possible.

So, when youre in overtime and on Doomfist, just know that thanks to his movement and his ultimate, its not over until the last punch is thrown. A player on Reddit proved this earlier today, turning a guaranteed loss into a win.

It all started at 99/99 in the third round of Ilios Control. This Doomfist died early on in the fight, with the rest of his team just trying to get on to the point and keep the clock going for another person to contest. Just as they spawned, the Doomfist punched out of spawn and used Seismic Slam to get close before using Meteor Strike. Their Mercy, staying alive, contesting and resurrecting their Ashe, allowed him to use his ultimate to get value, not only to contest the point.

Doomfist used his ultimate to kill the enemy Echo, one-shotting them. Out of all the enemies they faced, that was the hardest one to kill, and they got Echo first. Then, a punch onto the Zenyatta hit him into a pillar, allowing for another easy kill. Kiriko, who came by to help the Zenyatta, quickly tried to fight the Doomfist, losing to another punch.

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Then, an enemy Cassidy rounded the corner with his ultimate, High Noon. If Doomfist stayed in Cassidys line of sight for long enough, it would one-shot. After landing a couple of their primary fires, Doomfist used Seismic Slam to land behind Cassidy, forcing him to turn around to get the kill. As the Doomfist tried to kill Cassidy, Cassidys ultimate went off. Yet the Cassidy couldnt get the ultimate focused on Doomfist long enough, leading to the Doomfist surviving on low health and getting the kill. If it wasnt for that quick Seismic Slam, the Cassidy would have killed Doomfist easily.

The Cassidy got his grenade stuck on Doomfist, leading to their death, but the point was never flipped thanks to Doomfist, Mercy, and Ashe. So, as Doomfist died, they saw the control point uncontested by either team, leading to the timer running out and the win for Doomfists squad. 

If it wasnt for those key moments where quick Doomfist movement led to their survival and kills, this map was done. Yet some parkour and clever thinking led this player to quickly type Im insane in chat afterward.

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