Overwatch player proves why supports should always boost Ramattra

"We cannot fail when we strive together."

Ramattra joined Overwatch 2s roster over a month ago, and players are starting to truly master the hero’s play style.

Some tank mains were initially concerned about his resistance if not helped by his healers and allies, but when those elements are combined, he can be deadly.

A player on Overwatch’s subreddit proved today that he can steamroll through the map when supports boost him during his ultimate, which is fittingly called “Annihilation.”

In a game, they activated the powerful ability following a nano-boost from Ana. At the same time, Mercy was boosting the tank’s damage using her Caduceus’ white beam.

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The whole enemy team was packed on the main path, which served as the perfect setup for Ramattra’s ultimate. With the double boost from his supports and the damage from his ability, Ramattra annihilated the team in six seconds, including Orisa in her shielded form.

This clip also shows how powerful Ramattra can be when he’s played alongside Mercy and Ana in particular. They both have the perfect pocket-healing abilities, making him almost invincible when he enters in his aggressive phase.

If Ana heals him constantly with her main attack and grenade, Mercy has the space to use her damage buff beam and allow him to decimate his enemies in no time, rather than healing him and losing aggro potential.

Ramattra was released in early December. He can be unlocked by buying the premium version of the battle pass or by reaching level 45 on the free version. Here are some tips to maximize his potential in Overwatch 2.

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