Overwatch player crafts new meta with perfect hiding spot that can win you games

So dumb, it's brilliant.

Hiding isn’t the best tactic in Overwatch 2, until now, as a Mercy’s game-breaking trick, is to hide in the bushes.

The trick is relatively simple: One crafty Mercy player used her size to her advantage, hiding almost in plain sight and winning a payload match in Overwatch 2. The gamer emoted as the support hero, causing her to lie down in a bush next to the payload. This meant she was contesting the payload but was totally invisible to her enemies.

The sneaky new OW2 tactic popped up on Reddit on Feb. 27 with the gamer who shared it admitted they’d been confounded by itand its hard not to be impressed.

In the Feb. 27 clip, the other opponents searched for the Mercy but failed to spot her hiding in the neatly trimmed hedge. Her tactic left plenty of time for her teammates to return to the payload and take out their enemies to reach the next checkpoint.

If this catches on, prepare for a meta shift; this might be a tactic employable in almost every map with a bush. Talk about “pay to win” when it comes to rare emote unlocks.

Updates change the meta constantly in Overwatch 2, but we now have a tactic that will stand the test of time.

Hopefully, the Blizzard devs dont take the hedges back to the operating tables as they have with Orisa, Roadhog, and Symmetra after their abilities broke.

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