Overwatch League veteran reunites with former franchise as a content creator

He's returning to the former Fusion franchise.

Over the past three years, one of the best off-tanks on the Overwatch League free agent market was Gael “Poko” Gouzerch, a French veteran who helped lead the Philadelphia Fusion to the Grand Finals in 2018. But after a relatively inactive 2022 season with the London Spitfire, Poko announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch in November.

Just before the Overwatch Leagues 2023 season begins, however, a familiar face is reuniting with the team he joined the league with. Poko is now a part of the Seoul Infernal as a content creator, the team announced today. After making his name as one of the most popular players in the league and landing his signature Poko Bombs on D.Va over the first years of the Overwatch League on the Philadelphia Fusion, he is coming back to the franchise even after its relocation to Seoul.

Poko released a video on Twitter today explaining the situation, primarily his decision to join his old team and become a content creator for the first time. The start of the video shows him overlooking his old Philadelphia Fusion merchandise, stirring up the nostalgia for Fusion and Infernal fans. But after finding an Infernal jersey in his merch box and throwing it on, he told his fans what the future holds.

He even admitted that this move wasnt expected, but it was something that the Infernal offered and he couldnt help but take it. While Poko didnt go into detail, he mentioned coach Roston Yoo and the team discussed signing him as the sixth man for the roster but were clear about how he wouldnt get muchif anyplaying time, instead focusing on the squad’s five core Korean players. Poko himself joked about knowing that feeling from his recent years competing in the league, but the team instead offered him a content creator role.

From how this signing looks, Poko is purely a content creator for Seoul, and if the team needs a new player for the roster, it will sign one accordingly. While fans wont be able to see Poko Bombs in league matches, he will be donning an Infernal jersey as he does so online on YouTube and Twitch.

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