Overwatch League to host league-wide LAN in APAC region for first time

Teams across the Overwatch League are finally going to a league-wide LAN in South Korea.

Ever since the dawn of the competitive Overwatch scene in 2017, South Korea has remained the hotspot for both the best players and some of the best matches in the games history. From the APEX tournaments to some of the best Korean Contenders teams developing some of the best talents weve seen, the country is known for its Overwatch history. Now, in the sixth season of the Overwatch League, fans will finally see a live tournament with teams from across the world competing in Korea, Blizzard confirmed today.

The upcoming Midseason Madness tournament for the Overwatch League 2023 season will be hosted in Seoul, South Korea, marking the first league-wide LAN in the Asia-Pacific region. Official tournaments have been held in South Korea before, but only for the Eastern division teams. So now, the best Western teams will travel to Korea to fight for the Midseason Madness title.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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This tournament, stretching from June 15 to 17 in North America but June 16 to 18 locally, marks the first LAN tournament of the 2023 Overwatch League season. Six total teams will qualify through the Spring Stage, four from the West and two from the East. The top two seeds from the West will automatically qualify for the tournament, while the other two will go to the top two teams from the West Spring Stage Knockouts.

Plus, in a similar vein to what the Pro-Am offered, qualified teams from Eastern Contenders regions will have a chance to earn one of those two spots to compete at this LAN. Full tournament details, such as the structure of the brackets, will be revealed closer to the event.

As for venue information, the location is set as the KINTEX Exhibition Center in Goyang-si, South Korea. At 10B Hall, a crowd of just over 3,000 will watch the best teams in the OWL compete against each other. Plus, depending on who makes it through, there is the chance that either the Seoul Dynasty or Seoul Infernal can qualify to have the local crowd on their side.

Tickets for seats at the Midseason Madness tournament go on sale starting on May 15.

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