Overwatch League pro gives masterclass in Ana’s hidden DPS potential

She's more than just a healer.

Ever since her introduction to Overwatch in 2016, Ana has been a favorite among support players. The combination of her unscoped projectile fire and hitscan fire when aiming down sights gives just about every player something to love.

As perhaps the strongest main healer in the games current balancing, Ana is a top choice by many Overwatch League teams, but on May 19, the Boston Uprisings Lee “Twilight” Joo-seok was out to show casual gamers that Ana is more than just a heal bot. Shes a fragger as well.

Dealing 75 damage with her primary fire, Ana can take down most non-tank opponents in three shots, or she can take them out in just two if she connects with a Biotic Grenade as well. As a veteran of the game that has played in the Overwatch League since 2018, Twilight knows just how lethal Ana can be, and this weekend in a game against the Vegas Eternal, he made sure that the fans at home knew as well.

In a 27-second clip uploaded to social media, Twilight decided to carry the brunt of his teams damaging responsibility during an overtime defense by confirming fiveyes fivekilling blows to secure a map victory.

The play started as Twilight got the final hit on the enemys Ramattra and began to flank, where he found a low-health Mei that he was able to quickly dispose of. From there, the wiley vet decided to take the front lines for himself with the support of his D.Vas defense matrix and Brigitte healing.

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Diving into the Eternals players that were frantically attempting to get a touch on the payload, Twilight continued to press forward, first eliminating a Baptiste to take out the main healing source of the opposition. Afterward, he eliminated a pair of the peskiest heroes in the game to take down by quick-scoping both Tracer and Lúcio.

Not everyone can be quite as mechanically brilliant as Twilight on Ana, but next time youre bored standing on your tanks backside as the healing sniper, just remember that theres a whole other world of possibilities if youre willing to split your attention a little bit.

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