Overwatch fans are convinced one weapon souvenir is teasing a new seasonal skin

The Swedish hero might've gotten his next skin leaked via some free rewards.

Out of all the cosmetic items coming into Overwatch 2, the recent Seeds of Order challenge is giving out a miniature souvenir that heavily resembles the hero Torbjorn. Aptly named the Garden Gnome Souvenir, the short-in-stature weapon attachment is making fans think that the next bunch of skins coming to the game will include a garden gnome version of Torbjorn.

This inkling mainly has to do with the confirmed theme for the next season of Overwatch 2: fantasy. Like how previous seasons have had themes which all cosmetics in the battle pass keep to, from cyberpunk to Greek gods, the fantasy theme lends well to the idea of a garden gnome Torbjorn skin.

Fans on Reddit were quick to point this out and used a zoomed-in image of the souvenir to prove their point. Yet, even with the idea of it, fans are worried that this could be a classic example of Blizzard Entertainment hinting at a release only to not do it for a long time, if at all.

One Redditor said, Yeah that is a Torb skin no doubt. Question is when we will actually get it if we will see it at all.

Considering the news that came out about the PvE aspect of Overwatch 2, a lot of fans are still tentative about trusting Blizzard with potential releases, even for just skins.

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Others are a bit more optimistic, even thinking of the potential mythic rarity skin that could come out if this garden gnome skin hinted at it. Some Redditors were more skeptical, saying they had to get “lucky” for that to be the case.

Considering the mythic skins that have been released so far, its not likely that this garden gnome idea becomes a mythic skin. But the possibility of it entering the hero gallery is more likely a yes than a gnome.

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