Overwatch fan recreates heroes with Lego Bionicle pieces—and they’re surprisingly accurate

Building all heroes.

When it comes to fan creations of content in the world of Overwatch, a lot of it has revolved around two key elements of gaming: cosplay and the in-game workshop. Both of these elements allow fans to bring characters to life, whether it is by wearing their costume or by playing them in a unique game mode. Yet a group of fans online has found a new way to create Overwatch heroes in the real world through Lego Bionicle sets.

One Reddit user posted their work, alongside a bunch of their friends, on May 7, showcasing their recreations of some titular heroes from the Overwatch franchise using Lego Bionicle sets. Now, while there is a history between Blizzard Entertainment and Lego from their Bastion collaboration, the cast of heroes available is still limited. 

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As of May 8, the only available Overwatch heroes directly from Lego include Bastion, D.Va, Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball, Junkrat, and Roadhog. Plus, these creations are official, whereas fans decided to make their own using a more diverse set of spare parts from the Lego Bionicle series.

It appears the Overwatch fans took parts from other Lego sets, with the goal of trying to recreate popular heroes from the franchise. Some of them are ones that Lego has already made sets for, including Reinhardt on the very left and Junkrat to the right. But other heroes such as the new addition Ramattra and even skin variations of heroes like Zenyatta add some cool custom flavor to this unofficial set.

Overall, the heroes look accurate to who theyre trying to portray, asides from some of the faces. Whatever spare part they took from a Lego Bionicle set to use as Reapers mask is spot on, but Brigitte looks more Omnic than a lot of fans will remember. In fact, due to these fan creations still being Bionicles, all of them look robotic, which is not truly accurate but adds a rare aspect to these Overwatch heroes.

The response to the Reddit post on these fan creations was collectively positive, with a lot of fans wishing these were official sets they could purchase. Considering all the official Overwatch Lego sets mentioned earlier are sold out, you could see why fans might want some more Lego Bionicle Overwatch heroes.

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