Overwatch commercial leader and VP at Blizzard Jon Spector to depart company after 6 years

Spector leaves behind six years of work with Overwatch.

After six years of working with Blizzard on Overwatch, vice president and commercial leader Jon Spector is leaving the company at the end of March, he announced today. The former head of the Overwatch League didn’t say where he’s going next but reiterated his love for the team behind the shooter in his farewell message.

Spector started at Blizzard as a senior director for the Overwatch League. Almost three years after he started, he was promoted to the head of OWL, where he served as the face of the league for about a year and was the one giving fans updates on where the esport was headed and what was changing. Soon after, he was promoted again to commercial leader and vice president of Overwatch.

During his tenure at Blizzard, Spector became one of the most recognizable faces along with Overwatch director Aaron Keller when the game had updates and would feature interviews with the developers.

“After [six] amazing years, I’ve decided to hang up my sword and am leaving Blizzard at the end of March,” Spector said in his farewell message on Twitter. “Working on Overwatch has been the highlight of my career Team 4 brings immense talent and passion to their work every day.”

Spector will be working with the team as he transitions to the next step in his career, which he hasn’t elaborated on just yet. There has been no indication of when or if he will announce his newest adventure, so those who enjoyed his contributions to Overwatch will have to keep an eye on his social media to see where he will go next.

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