Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland event is live, celebrating the holidays with free cosmetics and returning modes

Earn yourself some holiday presents—including a free skin.

The holiday celebrations are about to get underway in Overwatch 2. And this time, Blizzard has a few gifts in store for players willing to dive into the various limited-time modes.

Blizzard today provided more details regarding the Winter Wonderland event within Overwatch 2, including the return of seasonal game modes and a handful of earnable cosmetics. This event is now live and will last until Jan. 4, with players being able to earn the 2023 Winter Wonderland player icon upon logging in. If players log in between Dec. 20 and Jan. 4, they will also receive a Festive Wreath weapon charm and 2023 player icon.

This event marks the return of the various snow-themed modes in the Arcade, including Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunt, in which players can earn a handful of cosmetics like weapon charms, sprays, and even the Epic-tier Ice Queen Brigitte skin. This is the only skin that can be earned for free by playing the event, though bundles featuring winter-themed skins from previous years are available for purchase from the in-game shop for Overwatch Coins.

Twitch rewards are also being updated for this event, incentivizing players to tune into their favorite streamers for specific periods of time. If players have successfully linked their Twitch and Battle.net accounts, they will be eligible to earn the Festive victory pose for D.Va and Legendary-tier Sleighing D.Va skin from Dec. 25 to Jan. 4.

The 2022 Winter Wonderland event is now live for all players in Overwatch 2 until Jan. 4, though certain aspects of the eventsuch as the end-of-year log-in bonus and Twitch dropswill not begin until later in the events duration. Players will be able to use the experience they gain through playing the event to level up their battle pass and earn the new hero, Ramattra, at level 45.

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