Overwatch 2’s Ultimate Valentine event delivers Scatter Arrows of love

A limited-time arcade mode brings back a deleted ability with bonus heart emojis.

Dozens of hero abilities have been axed over the many years of Overwatch‘s tenure, like Symmetra’s Shield Generator and Reaper’s strange floating soul orbs he used to have to collect to gain health back. Among them is Scatter Arrow, Hanzo’s once-legendary ability that relied entirely on geometry (and luck) to get hits on unsuspecting enemies.

For Overwatch 2’s Ultimate Valentine event, which kicks off on Feb. 14, players get one more shot at showing off their Scatter Arrow skills in a limited-time arcade mode.

Love of Geometry is a new brawl that pits two teams of Cupid Hanzos against each other in a four-vs-four PvP setup. Scatter Arrow is back in business as teams use the ability to take out enemy Cupids and become the alpha cherub. An announcement for the mode also teases that Hanzo’s ultimate, Dragonstrike, includes a “surprise” that fans will love.

Today’s blog post also revealed more about Overwatch 2’s non-canon dating sim, Loverwatch, which launches on Feb. 13. It’s available as a browser-based game at Loverwatch.gg.

Fans get to romance either Mercy or Genji and are accompanied by Cupid Hanzo, who offers good advice and many grumpy quips. Though it’s a non-canon experience that won’t translate into the lore, rewards will translate to the game itself. By becoming a master of love, players can earn “exclusive titles” that will be granted in a future patch. Completing the game’s secret ending will also unlock a highlight intro for Hanzo.

If you don’t want to fight in the arena of love for the highlight intro, though, it’ll be available in the shop as a part of a bundle. Cupid Hanzo, one of the game’s most-requested skins throughout Overwatch’s lifespan, will also be available in the shop during the Ultimate Valentine event.

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