Overwatch 2’s roster has a ‘problem child’ that keeps making life difficult for Blizzard

One popular player is giving his two cents on the matter.

Hero balance in Overwatch 2 is a fickle thing, and lead hero designer Alec Dawson has his hands full ahead of season four, which is set to come out next month.

Along with introducing a new hero, the team is looking to make some changes to multiple heroes for the sake of keeping the game in a playable state, and in an interview at the end of last week, Dawson mentioned a few specific heroes that may be in line for some type of rework.

Talons Mexican hacker Sombra has historically been one of the most infamous heroes in Overwatch. While the character hasnt necessarily been an oppressive force in the game, her toolkit, which includes invisibility and hacking, is especially annoying to opposing players.

Though her power level often has required team synergy and coordination, the way that she can go undetected into enemy backlines and prevent players from using their abilities is frustrating, even if she isnt a mainstay in the games meta.

Twitch streamer FitzyHere is perhaps the most popular Sombra in the game, and while he isnt an Overwatch League caliber player, his unique approach to Overwatch has made him the foremost gamer when it comes to understanding and analyzing Sombras place in the games meta.

Hearing that Dawson referred to his favorite character as a problem child that is likely in line for yet another potential rework, Fitzy openly acknowledged that Dawsons perspective is understandable considering the games current state and the dev teams goals of reducing crowd control in Overwatch 2. Crowd control became an issue in the original game toward the end as CC became increasingly oppressive and hurt its playability.

While Sombra is among the least-picked heroes in the game and also has one of the lowest winrates among DPS, according to Overbuff, Fitzy maintained that the character is still in a playable spot, and he seemed concerned that any changes could effectively nerf her into oblivion.

In a video posted to YouTube, Fitzy thoroughly broke down Dawsons comments on Sombra and attempted to make sense of what may come of the purple-haired hero. Admitting that Sombras stealth ability makes her inherently difficult to balance, Fitzys biggest concern seemed to be that the team might believe she is too powerful, even though shes not particularly well-represented in the games competitive ladder.

Its not like shes a strong hero per se, he said. Shes decent right now, and by decent I mean playable, but she also has enough counters. She doesnt really need the nerf.

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