Overwatch 2’s new Twitch drops are here and fans are already flaming them 

You call these rewards?

The newest Overwatch 2 Twitch drops have arrived and the communitys already begging Blizzard to give them what they really wanthero skins.

The devs released the rewards on May 9, leaving fans until May 22 to get their hands on the cosmetics. Players receive the drops depending on how long theyve sat in front of an Overwatch 2 Twitch stream, with the best Blizzard has to offer in this week’s iteration of items being a Toolbox Souvenir.”

The OW2 communitys been hurt before by disappointing cosmetics, and this seems to be the final straw for some gamers. These new drops leave more to be desired, and a single Spray just isn’t going to cut it for some fans.

To participate, all gamers have to do is tune in to their favorite Overwatch 2 streamer and enjoy the ride. Players will have to spend two hours watching a stream to earn a Wrecking Ball Tool Box Spray and five hours of their time to receive the Toolbox Souvenir.

Members of the community called the rewards on offer disappointing. Collectors might seek out these drops, but it seems that a large section of players who enjoy watching OW2 on Twitch wont even use the souvenir, and are highly unlikely to bother with the spray.

This isnt the first time that fans have been disappointed by Blizzards in-game cosmetics.

Events like the Lunar New Year skin collection saw community outrage, with almost all the cosmetics available paling in comparison to prior New Year events. Players also ripped into Genjis One Punch Man-themed skin in March this year, claiming it failed to resemble either Genji or Genos.

It seems like the community wants the Blizzard developers to step up their skin game. Hopefully, the next Twitch drop satisfies the fan base.

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