Overwatch 2’s most notorious hero-map combination now has its own special intro video

If you know, you know.

Blizzards decision to put a bottomless pit in the center of a control point has long made Ilios one of the most notorious and dangerous maps in Overwatch, and now Overwatch 2.

Perhaps the largest beneficiary, figuratively and metaphorically, of this gaping hole in the ground over the years has been the game’s rotund crowd-controlling villain Roadhog. His signature Chain Hook ability has always made him one of the games most frustrating tanks to play against because of his ability in the past to one-shot most heroes, even if they have full health.

While his one-shot capabilities have since been nerfed, the Well point on Ilios is still a place where the hog shines. On a six-second cooldown, he can grab someone from the enemy team and hook them directly in front of himself as he stands at the ledge of the well, thus dropping them to their death.

Today, one gamer posted to social media a video introduction to the infamous CP map that perfectly embodies the confidence of Roadhog players as they leave their spawn location on the map and head to the well where they fish for eliminations by dropping enemies to their demise.

Vibing to the tune of some electronic dance music, the video depicts a Roadhog player dance walking their way across the map as they approach the point where they will almost surely get a few opportunities to secure some environmental eliminations.

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If you or someone you know has been victimized by a Roadhog on Ilios, this video may not be for you. But dont worry, there are a few ways to keep yourself from falling to your death in the future, the first of which is to select a character that has some amount of flying capabilities. As a tank, D.Va can be a solid option. Initiating your thrusters after getting hooked can save your life. 

Meanwhile, Mercy is a healer that can fly her way back to a teammate if they are close by after shes hooked. Kiriko can port her way to allies as well. DPS options are a bit more plentiful. Hanzo can climb back up the walls of the well. Pharah can fly and stay far away from Roadhog while still having an impact on the game, and Genji can also climb as well as double jump and dash his way out.

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