Overwatch 2’s Loverwatch almost let you date one unlikely character

The devs opted for the cyborg instead.

Overwatch 2 fans were rewarded with a romantic treat when dating sim Loverwatch was released to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Although Blizzard decided on Genjo, Mercy, and Hanzo in the end, the devs considered pretty much “the entire roster” for non-canon ships when they created the minigame, Blizzard narrative designer Kyungseo Min said in an interview with Dexerto today.

This included Wrecking Ball, the machine belonging to the intelligent hamster Hammond. That was at least the idea the narrative designer pushed for. “I had this whole outline in my head where you help the mech sort of understand what human emotion is,” Min said.

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While Overwatch 2 includes many robots that have remnants of human feelings, Wrecking Ball doesn’t. It’s a mech that only works when it’s driven by Hammond, who tailored it for his size.

Since ships are non-canon, as described when starting the game, everything is technically possible. Stories can be inconsistent with Overwatch’s official lore, and a story involving dating Wrecking Ball would have surely been a lot of silly fun.

Loverwatch is a dating sim that features various stories involving Genji, Mercy, and Hanzo. Players can also shortly encounter other heroes during the story.

Reaching different story endings offer valuable rewards, including an exclusive highlight intro for each corresponding character. Players can also unlock a secret ending. The minigame will remain available until the end of the month.

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