Overwatch 2’s latest update has completely broken Doomfist’s block ability

It's a massive blow for the hard-hitting tank.

Overwatch 2’s update on May 9 has made Doomfist’s block ability useless, according to GetQuakedOn, an Overwatch content creator who describes themself as a Doomfist specialist. They sounded the alarm bells via a tweet after testing the patch, claiming his Power Block ability is “completely broken” and “does not work right.”

Every time a Doomfist player tries to Power Block certain abilities, they will take full damage and not build any Rocket Punch charge. It sounds like a nightmare for Doomfist mains, and that’s because it is. It renders his primary defensive ability useless, along with his best way to build charge, impacting his ability to tank.

The list of moves Doomfist cannot block includes Brigitte’s Bash and Whip, Junkrat’s Ultimate, Lucio’s Boop, Moira’s Ultimate, Orisa’s Ultimate, Reinhardt’s Charge and Ultimate, Roadhog’s Hook, Zara’s Ultimate, and more. Until it’s fixed, the only solution seems to be to look down slightly while blocking, but the results are varied.

The patch only made a few minor tweaks to Doomfist, including the addition of hero-specific options and a few minor bug fixes. One of those bug fixes, however, was intended to fix a bug with Power Block not correctly reducing AoE damage. A change associated with that bug fix could have created the new one.

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Doomfist hasn’t been doing amazingly in terms of pick rate and win rate. The Talon leader has been picked in 1.82 percent of matches in the last three months and has a win rate of 49 percent, according to Overbuff. This makes him the seventh-most-picked tank overall, with the sixth-best win rate. It’s not the worst position to be in, but it’s a far cry from the bestand this Power Block bug won’t do him any favors.

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