Overwatch 2’s broken PvE promises send players running to rival FPS titles

It's sad that it's come to this.

Theres always something heartbreaking about broken promises, and after six years of constant heartbreak over an Overwatch PvE mode, which was binned on May 16, Overwatch 2 fans are finally done with Blizzard and are looking for new games.

On the VALORANT subreddit, a user posted that many Overwatch 2 players are seeking a new FPS with developers who care about the game theyre working on.

VALORANT is a free-to-play game from Riot Games, the devs behind League of Legends, and they often release fortnightly patches and character updates. They regularly consider player feedback toosometimes. But as many players pointed out, VALORANT isnt like Overwatch and is more like CS:GO, but with heroes. 

However, one of the best features about VALORANT is heroes aren’t locked behind a paywall like they are in Overwatch, and new players can test a variety of heroes to find one that suits their playstyles the best.

In saying that, VALORANT does have a high skill ceiling, and there is a bit of a learning curve. So, it can take time to adjust to the gameplay, mechanics, items, and headshot focus. Otherwise, its an excellent game for those wanting a five vs. five hero-based shooter.

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But, as many players commented, VALORANT doesnt have a PvE mode, and it may not be something that will ever be introduced to the FPS game, which is why many recommended Apex Legends, a free battle royale game with various Legends items, maps, and ranked matches in a large-map battle royale format.

While there arent games exactly like Overwatch, VALORANT and Apex are the most popular and have similar features if you want to switch from Overwatch 2.

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