Overwatch 2’s Battle for Olympus is back again—this time with a twist

Channel the power of the gods once more.

Blizzard has continually attempted to push the creative envelope with Overwatch 2s game modes, but one arcade game seems to keep coming back.

Coming back for yet another round of weekly fun, Battle for Olympus is back in the arcade. But unlike previous iterations of the game mode, players have a new option for the deathmatchfour-vs-four.

The Battle for Olympus event originally took place for two weeks in January during season two. The free-for-all mode gave a select few heroes mythical god-like powers, and over the course of the event, Blizzard maintained a leaderboard to track the hero that won the most matches.

While it took some time for Blizzard to eventually execute, a statue was resurrected on Ilios to commemorate Junker Queen for topping that leaderboard.

Though players can still play Battle for Olympus this week in its traditional free-for-all form, they can now team up with friends. This marks the third time the popular game mode has made a return to Overwatch 2. After the original event in January, Blizzard brought it back for a week in early April as well. 

Theres no leaderboard this time around, nor was there when the game mode returned last month, but theres still some powerful fun to be had. The game mode includes juiced-up versions of just a handful of heroes, most of them being tanks. Players can compete as Junker Queen, Ramattra, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Lucio.

The return of Battle for Olympus will only last for a short time. The game mode will be rotated out with the next weekly reset on Tuesday, May 30.

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