Overwatch 2 trailer edit reveals the sad reality of what actually made it into the game

It's sad, but true.

Today has been a big day for Overwatch 2, with fans upset over Blizzard Entertainment once again changing their plans regarding the PvE mode.

And, almost like rubbing salt in the wound, one fan created a sad yet accurate highlight reel video with everything that has made it into the game from the original Overwatch 2 trailerand it barely scrapes in at just over a minute.

You’ll notice from the video, created by ‘HG’ on YouTube on May 16, that not much has made it into Overwatch 2. And sadly, the first ten seconds of the video is the introduction, and there are even a few details added in error too. While this video is not 100 percent accurate, it does show the unfortunate reality of the Overwatch franchise.

Even worse, players said, the sequel has totally failed to meet expectations, especially with some of the flagship content now scrapped. If the title of the May 16 video didn’t read Overwatch 2, other disgruntled fans added, the edited fan trailer could have easily been mistaken for original Overwatch content instead.

This lack of content has players asking whether it’s time to give up on Overwatch, as nothing has been added to keep drawing them back, the content that was once promised keeps getting pushed back, and the current monetization methods are getting out of hand.

Although players love the lore, characters, and general gameplay concepts in the hero shooter, it’s not enough when the gameplay feels stale. The painful truth is some of this promised content is the only reason why some fans returned for Overwatch 2. And with the consistent letdowns from Blizzard, it’s pretty disappointing, players say.

This edit highlights the sad reality of Overwatch 2and it’s not good.

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