Overwatch 2 roadmap suggests season 5 content will be a hard pivot from season 4

You never know what you're going to get.

Blizzard released a roadmap for the upcoming seasons of Overwatch 2 today, and while its packed with information, it also seems to be subtly teasing what sort of content players might see when season five drops in June.

The Space Opera theme of the season four battle pass was about more than just the battle pass content itself. Blizzard closely tied it to the games current Starwatch event, filled with intergalactic sci-fi ties that loosely reference other popular sci-fi properties like Star Wars.

Images and teasers from todays roadmap indicate that Blizzard is prepared to make a massive thematic shift in season five next month, moving from outer space to the land of magic.

Blizzard hasnt announced the official theme of season five, but among the events teased in the Overwatch 2 roadmap was Questwatch, which appears to possibly include some kind of gamemode called Mischief & Magic.

It seems clear that whatever is going on in Overwatch 2 season five, players will need to get back from outer space and prepare for some kind of fantasy-filled adventure.

Images in the roadmap for Questwatch shows an island of some sort that has a volcano in the center of it akin Mount Doom in Mordor from Lord of the Rings. The land also appears to have a few different stereotypical fantasy locations, like a large castle-filled city and an enormous woodland area surrounding some kind of tree of life.

While theres no guarantee that all of season fives cosmetics will be tied to this event, its safe to say we should get at least a few fun fantasy skins, and if they copy their approach to season four, its highly likely the battle pass will complement the event.

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