Overwatch 2 players want Team Fortress 2 crossover to finally happen following new Talantis map

Wouldn't that be fun?

The first-ever community Overwatch 2 map, Talantis, came out on April 25, leading to players begging for more custom-made maps. One idea that has sprung to the minds of players since the new release is a crossover with Team Fortress 2.

Following the release of Talantis, a player posted a picture of Team Fortress 2’s 2Fort map on the Overwatch 2’s subreddit as a simple plea to Blizzard.

“A collab with TF2 would be cool,” one player said. “TF2 was my LIFE for like two years. God I loved this game and the people I played with. Such good memories,” another added.

While many players in the comment section on Reddit fantasized about a possible collaboration between the two games, it’s not something that will likely happen in the future.

In a stream in March, one of the Overwatch 2 devs admitted the idea of collaborating with TF2 had been on their minds for a while.


“Somebody was like, A TF2 [cross-over], that would actually be sweet,” the dev said. “I think all of us on the Overwatch team have a deep appreciation for games like TF2 that kinda came before us.”

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Although there’s a slim chance OW2 and TF2 will crossover in the future, it probably won’t happen anytime soon, unless the devs feel like surprising players with a bombshell.

But with the OW2 community so enthusiastic about a crossover, players would almost certainly welcome TF2 characters and items with open arms.

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