Overwatch 2 players vote on game’s most difficult role and, to no surprise, it’s not even close

Finally, we have an answer.

The Overwatch 2 community may have finally just settled an age-old debate surrounding roles and their difficulties after a fan poll fell very lopsidedly to one pick.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit on Feb. 27, one gamerobviously eager to see the fandom up in arms that dayasked what the most difficult role was. Surprisingly, however, the choice between tank, DPS, support, and off-role actually remained relatively civil, and (even more surprisingly) most gamers agreed on a top choice.

In the end, tank reigned supreme as the game’s “hardest role.”

The winner cleared the poll by a landslide too; tank sat out in front by over 1,000 votes (at the time of writing), with main support coming in second. Damage clocked in at third in the February poll and off-role support rounded out the list. The community seemed to agree tank was the most difficult class, but that didn’t mean the others weren’t hard either.

One player said, I think it would be tank mostly because the tank is so pivotal to the team. The team lives and dies with the tank, according to another gamer, and that’s why they voted the way that they did. Most players highlighted that theres little room for miss-play as a tank.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

However, a section of the comments focused heavily on DPS. According to them, DPS might knock tank off the top, mainly due to mechanics.

I think is difficult because you often have to take positions that make it difficult to sense the tempo of the team fight, one OW2 player said. Others pointed out that the aim and mechanics required as a damage hero make that class the trickiest to handle. One player even claimed: If both ur DPS gap the enemy team it’s gg.

While tanks cleaned up this poll, the OW2 devs have been changing heroes left and right, so maybe future changes might tilt the votes another way.

Each character has its strengths, so we say learn to play them all.

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