Overwatch 2 players think this one ‘blinding’ tank ultimate is too powerful and needs a rework

The omnic's enemies were visibly angry.

Ramattra entered the Overwatch 2 scene hurling punches at whatever enemy got in his way and now it seems the communitys returning blows outside the game, focusing on one infuriating flaw with his ultimate ability.

The omnic tank’s mist-covered ultimate, Ravenous Vortex, creates explosive flashes as he throws punches, blinding every player on the server. The tank has already been the target of multiple ability changes since its conception, however, it seems players from the Overwatch 2 community think Blizzard haven’t done enough just yet.

Players flocked to a Reddit post on March 28 with the ultimate goal of bringing about the final change to Ramattras imperfections by toning down his retina-destroying lights.

Aggrieved OW2 players mostly agreed the red aura that surrounds Ramattra makes it near impossible to see. Pair this with the random white beams that appear out of nowhere, and you havent much chance of making it out of there alive.

Players called it too much visual clutter and admitted they typically just look at the kill feed and accept their fate once the omnic activates his ultimate. One OW2 gamer also pointed out its too difficult to see if a Ramattra is nanod and by that point, youre already dead. Users also complained they can’t even see where the ult range ends to escape it.

With season four close, the Blizzard devs have a lot on their hands. This next event could be the perfect time to include one last change to Ramattra.

If this gets sorted, maybe some of these players will stand a chance against the hefty tank. He has been difficult to face ever since he debuted.

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