Overwatch 2 players still think Sojourn is overpowered after a third nerf

The Railgun is still strong, and players aren't happy about it.

Sojourn is one of Overwatch 2‘s most controversial heroes, and the developer has been constantly targeting her with the nerf hammer.

But it’s still not enough to make her more balanced in the game’s meta, according to some players. The latest balance patch, introduced yesterday, is also considered as a “slap on the wrist” by a wide part of the community.

They consider the nerf to be “too little, too late,” saying it should target primarily her charged Railgun’s damage so she no longer one-shots heroes. The most recent nerf didn’t do this, instead opting to tune down her energy gain rate.

“We said the one-shot potential was bad, and Blizzard responded by doing nothing to solve it,” answered another user.

Yesterday, a balance patch applied Major changes on Roadhog, while slightly adjusting Orisa, Kiriko, and Sojourn. The soldier was given a flat energy gain on her Railgun’s fire, instead of rewarding headshots while punishing body shots. It’ll make her more viable in lower ranks, while hitting her strength in higher level.

Rather than a true nerf, this change is more of an adjustment to the character. While higher ranks might switch her for Cassidy or another hitscan from now on, Sojourn players might become even more rampant in average and lower levels (which includes the vast majority of the playerbase).

Sojourn was targeted by two previous nerfs, including one in December, but she’s still immensely popular in the meta.

Sojourn’s one-shot mechanic using her fully charged Railgun is vital to the hitscan’s strength. It’s equally rewarding for those who play her as it is frustrating for squishy enemies, and many players are fed up with seeing the character dominate games.

Unfortunately for them, this is not going to change for a whileunless the developer decides to hit her a fourth time.

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