Overwatch 2 players slam season 4 and the meta as ‘worst since launch’

A bitter taste in the mouth of every Overwatch fan.

Resentment just keeps building in the Overwatch 2 community. Players are now disappointed with the game’s latest competitive season, slamming season four’s meta as the “worst since launch.”

Each season in Overwatch 2 lasts around two months, and with each season comes a new map or a new hero alongside a new battle pass. Sometimes, there are also new challenges and arcade modes added as well.

Season four began in April, and the game is still maintaining a player base, though fans on Reddit on May 23 shared their true thoughts on the new season and what it might forecast for the game’s overall direction.

Players are frustrated with the meta. Though there have been several metas in Overwatch and Overwatch 2’s history that haven’t gone down well with fans, it seems like the dynamics of season four aren’t sitting well either.

“NGL the Widow Hanzo meta fucking sucks,” one player commented.

The game is once again being dominated by long-range damage heroes, which in turn is causing a lot of players to counter-pick Sombra to deal with them. Instead of being able to pick heroes they want to play, players are having to intensely counter-pick. This may be playing a part in Lifeweaver, the game’s newest hero, struggling to find playtime, as well.

“For the first time I feel like this game has actually [become] kind of stale,” the original poster of the thread wrote.

The new hero of season four is Lifeweaver, a Thai support character that was initially praised for his design and for being another openly LGBTQ+ character added to Overwatch 2’s cast. But once the hype of his initial design wore off, players were left with a mechanically strange, fury-inducing character that just isn’t being picked.

“The release of Lifeweaver was a complete flop and nobody wants to play him,” another player wrote.

Lifeweaver has already had to have several patches and changes made to his kit in the six weeks since he has been added to the game.

Alongside the disappointing news that a large portion of Overwatch 2’s schedule PvE has been canceled, season four being a bust is just another blow, especially for players who have stayed faithful to the game for so long.

Season four will go until the second week of June, and we are expecting new content as well as a new balance patch for season five. Hopefully, the meta changes so we can start enjoying Overwatch 2 again.

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