Overwatch 2 players shows off how to win a teamfight in less than 2 seconds

That was... really fast.

Fighting on a control point like the Night Market of Lijiang Tower in Overwatch 2 can sometimes be chaotic. Brawls for the objective and last for what feels like an eternity, but in one instance recorded today, the fight was over before it even truly began.

One player getting five eliminations in half a second almost feels impossible. But one gamer today posted a highlight clip to Reddit on May 15 showing exactly how to masterfully take out the entire enemy team in one quick move.

Wrecking Ball as a hero is known to knock enemies out of a fight with ease, but in this particular Overwatch encounter, the hamster and his machine were more of a bowling ball knocking out enemies that were perfectly lined up for him to take out.

With every member of the enemy team clumped up and peeking out of the side of the control point next to a cliff, this Wrecking Ball circled around to the opposite side of the point to sneak up on them.

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As the player approached the other team, they used Wrecking Balls Grappling Claw to swing at the enemies, hitting all five at once, booting them directly off the map. The exchange lasted nearly no time at all, and not only did it cement a team kill, but it also gave the Wrecking Ball players their ultimate despite going into the fight with just 30 percent charge.

Its relatively uncommon for teams in Overwatch 2 to be clumped up in one spot to the extent that this collective was, and its even more rare for that to happen so close to a ledge.

But when the opportunity for a quintuple kill presents itself, its always a cause for celebration, no matter how questionable the other teams position may be.

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