Overwatch 2 players left perplexed after Mei somehow counters Nano-Boosted Reinhardt charge

Of course it's Mei.

It appears that your Overwatch 2 matches could soon be plagued even further by one of the game’s most annoying heroes.

You know who we’re talking about. It’s Mei again. It’s always Mei, isn’t it? This time around, she somehow survived a Nano-Boosted Reinhardt charge by turning into an iceberg with her Cryo-Freeze ability to prevent being pinned.

In the video, posted to Reddit today by a user named Bobfrey1, the Nano-Boosted Reinhardt Earthshatters the enemy team and charges the Mei into a wall. But instead of pinning her for the kill, she’s somehow able to use her Cryo-Freeze to survive the encounter.

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Mei is normally able to survive being pinned with a bit of health leftover as the pin does 225 damage and she has a health pool of 250, but the Reinhardt was damage-boosted so she should have been eliminated.

Whether this is a bug or something else is unclear, but one commenter has a theory that several others agreed with.

“She got up after being slammed and hit her ice block and it didn’t register with the server till she was in your charge already,” the commenter said. This appears to be the most likely scenario, but that doesn’t make it sting any less for the Reinhardt player.

Unfortunately for the Reinhardt and luckily for the Mei, this split-second interaction between two of the game’s several dozen abilities seems to have left the Reinhardt swinging wildly at an iceberg while the Mei chilled out, literally.

“Of course she did,” said the top commenter in the thread. “Fucking Mei.”

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Overwatch 2’s season four is ongoing now.

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