Overwatch 2 players have reimagined Cassidy’s overpowered grenade and it’s the perfect change

A sticky grenade for a sticky situation.

The Overwatch 2 community has suggested ideas for Cassidys magnetic grenade that could make it a little less powerful, and maybe Blizzard should take notes. Currently, Cassidys grenade has the ability to stick to an enemy when theyre within a certain distance and deals massive damage to certain classes. The gunslinging cowboy currently sits atop the meta and many believe he needs a change.

On March 13, one Redditor pitched the idea that Cassidy should have a frag grenade that can bounce off walls and be shot to detonate early.

The idea caught in the OW2 community immediately, and fans loved it.

There were some issues thoughplayers pointed out this would likely stray too close to Ashes dynamite. For most, however, they thought the idea wasnt far off the mark; many believed the change (or something similar) is simply necessary at this point.

In the past, Blizzard developers have tried to keep heroes split in their styles though, and players remember that. One even joked, Yeah, lets just make the cowboys the same characters.

One suggestion that popped up after that was that Cassidys grenade could instead become a Molotov he lights with his cigar, which may separate him from Ashe and Bastion a little more. Another player suggested bringing back the flash grenade so the ability could be themed around his team assisting by shooting during a stun.

The Overwatch community has been rocked with meta changes left, right, and center recently, and more changes are coming too. Within the next month, a new season will be out and well likely encounter some character-ruining nerfs. The changes wont stop at the beginning of the season either, as therell probably be changes weeks later too.

Hopefully, Cassidys grenade does see changes. The gunslinger has been at the top of the totem pole for too long, and it might be time for a new DPS to reach new heights.

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