Overwatch 2 players have plenty of suggestions for how to buff Junker Queen

She already has the title, give her a buff already.

Overwatch 2 has been out for a while now, and players are well aware of which characters are worth picking. 

Junker Queen has been one of the worst characters in the game, and Reddit agrees. 

The Australian tank sports several abilities like Adrenaline Rush, Scattergun, Jagged Blade, Commanding Shout, Carnage, and Rampage, but the Overwatch 2 community thinks shes underpowered.

Redditors in the Overwatch 2 subreddit were asked how To Fix Junker Queen? Then the community answered.

I feel like her healing could be a bit more aggressive, one Redditor said. Her healing typically takes a lot of time after causing some damage.

Screengrab via Reddit

Some Redditors pointed out the efficiency of her axe swing, sharing that its a big part of the problem with Junker Queen.

Screengrab via Reddit

Other people countered that point, highlighting that issue lies in the fact that it locks you out of using shift, instead of the time it takes to swing your axe.

Screengrab via Reddit

The list continues to grow, with countless fans throwing in their two cents. This could be an effective Reddit post, as long as the devs spot it.

Blizzard could change the way her healing ability works. By giving her “over health” instead, it would ensure that Junker Queen benefits while at full HP.

Screengrab via Reddit

If we see any changes in future updates, come back to this post to see if they nicked it from Reddit.

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