Overwatch 2 players crown ‘most spammed’ voice lines, and we can hear every one of these 


Imagine you’re waiting for an Overwatch 2 game to start in the lobby. There’s a high chance someone is going to spam a voice line, and if you’re like me, you can hear them in your head already.

One Overwatch player has had enough and listed the most-spammed voice lines in the game based on their experience in a Reddit thread. Others joined in to debate over this crucial matter.

Some of them became punchlines over time and are constantly spammed by many players in matches, whenever they get free time or when they defeat enemies.

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Sometimes, you’ll even want to use your melee to shut them up, or start spamming yourself and bring chaos into the lobby.

Here is a table indicating which voice line is the most popular for each hero of Overwatch 2, according to the community‘s inputs:

HeroMost popular voice line
D.Va“Is this easy mode?”
Doomfist“And they say chivalry is dead…”
Junkerqueen“Ooh! I do love neon!”
Orisa“Exterminate, exterminate.”
Ramattra“Justice is cruel. It demands sacrifice.”
Winston“Ha ha! Excuse me.”
Wrecking Ball“Too early for flapjacks?”
Zarya“My secret? Sit-ups, and push-ups, and plenty of juice.”
Ashe“Do you need me to repeat myself?”
BastionZwing Zwing Zwing
Cassidy“Im your huckleberry.”
Echo“Type: Echo.”
Genji“Mada mada!” (Not good enough)
Junkrat“Aaah! It’s snowing!”
Pharah“I’m so scared.”
Reaper“Things are looking… grim.”
Soldier: 67“Get off my lawn!”
Torbjörn“You should try my meatballs.”
Tracer“Ho ho ho!”
Widowmaker“Ouh là là.”
Ana“Good kitty.”
Baptiste“Thank you Baptiste. Oh! You’re welcome.”
Brigitte“Be reasonable.”
Kiriko“Zane!” (What a shame)
Lifeweaver“The audacity!”
Lucio“Why are you so angry?”
Moira“The state of you!”
Zenyatta“Death is whimsical today.”

There’s no doubt some of those voice lines have given nightmares to many Overwatch players over the years. A well-timed voice line can be a true dagger to the heart if you’ve just been outplayed by an enemy.

You might already come across a Lucio that would say “Why are you so angry?” when booping enemies to their death, or a Sombra who would spam “boop” at every moment they can spare.

Overall, players can all express different styles with which voice lines they use and at what moment. Just be thankful Blizzard Entertainment implemented a limit on how many you can use in a short amount of time.

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